Current Team

Dogs are listed below in no specific order. If any information is incorrect or needs to be changed, please contact the webmaster.

Dog Name: UWPCh Lockenlode Chairman   AKA Monster


Owner:       Meg


Breed:   Jack Russel Terrier



Dog Name:          Noodle


Owner:       Dianne


Breed:   Schnoodle  Ninja Dog


Titles:  FM

Dog Name:          Chelsey


Owner:    Mo


Breed:   Australian Shepherd


Titles:  FDX

Dogs Name: Aero


Owner: Judy


Breed: Shetland Sheepdog



Dog Name:           Rockstar


Owner:       Pam


Breed:   Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix


Titles:  FMCH,  NW1, CGC

Dog Name:           Spring


Owner:      Wanda


Breed:   Border Collie


Titles: FGDCH


  Dog Name:           Milo


  Owner:       Meg


  Breed:   Jack Russel Terrier


  Titles:  FG40K, IRON DOG, reaching for 50K


  Dog Name:           JoJo


  Owner:       Lori


  Breed:   McNab


  Titles:  ONYX


  Dog Name:           Lucy


  Owner:       Pam


  Breed:   Mix


  Titles:  FM, CGC


  Dog Name:           Tac


  Owner:       Tammy


  Breed:   Border Collie


  Titles: FM


  Dog Name:           Pistol


  Owner:       Melody


  Breed:   Border Collie


  Titles:  FMCH

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