Forever Blockade Runners

While these Dog's have crossed over the rainbow bridge, they are forever in our hearts. Some of these dogs may have not run on this team, however they are and always will be part of this team.  If you have a dog that embodies the spirit of Flyball and would like to have them showcased here, submit your request to the Webmaster.

Dogs name: Chloe


Jan 2003-April 2018


Owner: Mo


Breed Australian Shepherd


Titles: Iron Dog, FMX

Dogs Name: Joon


Owner: Lyn


Breed: Border Collie


Titles:Iron Dog, FGDCH, MBDCH-G

Dogs Name: Jib

Owner: Meg

Breed: Jack Russel

Titles: Iron Dog, FG60K

Dogs name: Charlie



Owner: Mo


Breed: Australian Shepherd

Dogs name: Obie


Owner: Sheila


Breed: Border collie




Dog Name:  Charger

                      Dec 2014- July 2019


Owner: Mo


Breed: Australian Shepherd


Titles:  FMX




Dog Name:  Sass



Owner: Tammy


Breed:Border Collie


Titles:  Iron Dog, FG60K




Dog Name:  Carolina Cascine (Flying Rat Dog)

                      May 1997-January 2015


Owner: Pam


Breed: Rat Terrier


Titles:  CD, ADX, FMCH




Dog Name:  Chopper

    May 2007-Aug 2016



Owner: Mo


Breed: Australian Sheperd


Titles:  FMCH




Dog Name:  Penny



Owner: Lori


Breed: super mutt


Titles:  FDCH Gold



Dogs Name: Annie


Owner: Meg


Breed: Border Collie


Titles: Iron Dog, FGDCH

Dogs Name:  Badger

Owner: Patrick and Melody

Breed :Border Collie

Titles: FGDCH

Dogs Name: Belle

Owner: Tammy Bonas

Breed: Border Collie

Titles: Iron Dog FG50K


  Dog Name:           Detour (D)

             March 26, 2009 - December 26, 2018


  Owner:       Tammy


  Breed:   Staffordshire bull terrier


  Titles:  FMCH,Iron Dog


  Dog Name:           Aero 



  Owner:       Patrick and Melody Rhonca


  Breed:   Border collie


  Titles:  onyx

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