Our Veteran Team Members

While this may not be a complete list of our veterans, we are very proud of all of the dogs that have made this team what it is today.

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  Dog Name:           Chase


  Owner:       Judy


  Breed:   Border Collie


  Titles:  FGDCH, Iron Dog, More to Come!

Dog Name: Spunky


Owner: Pam Schwentner


Breed: Miami Mutt


Titles: ONYX, MBD,



  Dog Name:          Bryndi


  Owner:       Tammy


  Breed:   Mix


  Titles:  IRON DOG,  FDCH silver  QUEEN




Dog Name:          Kona


Owner:       Lyn


Breed:   Border Collie


Titles:  FG40K, Iron Dog




  Dog Name:          Peepers


  Owner:       Meg


  Breed:   Jack Russel Terrier


  Titles:  FDCH Gold




  Dog Name:          Penny


  Owner:       Lori


  Breed:   Mix


  Titles:  FDCH Gold




  Dog Name:         Circuit


  Owner:     Patrick and Melody


  Breed:   Border Collie


  Titles:  IRON DOG, FG50K


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